DTFx Print

What is DTFx?

DTFx is a new direct to film technique. It's a printing process that transfers images from film to fabric using a heat press mechanism. This new printing technique ensures unmatched print and color consistency. DTFx can be used on all types of fabric from mixed cotton to polyester items which gives it a high versatility use.

What garments can I use the DTFx printing technique on?

DTFx can be used on all types of fabric, from mixed cotton blanks to activewear products made of polyester.

How DTFx is different from DTG?

DTFx provides higher quality and more durable printing to garments than the Direct to Garment (DTG) printing technique, improving print and color vibrancy. DTFx creates flexible prints that do not crack or peel.

Ultimately, they serve different purposes. The final results of each of these techniques are quite different. In the DTG method, the drawing and ink are integrated with the fabric, making for a rougher feel. In contrast, using DTFx makes the print feel shinier and less integrated with the fabric, providing higher vibrancy of the colors. With DTFx the base color of the garment does not intervene making the print quality purer.

DTG example pictured (Left) DTFx pictured (Right). As shown here, you should expect DTFx to offer greater color accuracy and a smoother, consistent hand. DTG will have a textured hand and colors will appear slightly washed out due to inks absorbing into the fabric. If you are looking for a design that appears to be imbedded into the fabric DTG is the way to go. If you are after color accuracy, pure white inks, and a decal look and feel. DTFx will suit your needs perfectly.

What is the production time of such a technique?

The new DTFx printing technique takes the same production time as DTG. Dreamship recommends referring to production times listed on the item pages to get precise production time data.

Are there any designs that do not work well with DTFx?

When designing artwork to be printed using DTFx, designers should avoid using gradient designs that transition from solid color to transparency. Feathered edges will not render accurately, this includes shadows and smoke, for example. Avoid using large full-bleed images that take up the entire print area. Designs that take advantage of negative space will often work best. Smaller-sized logos, branding, and text are optimal.

How to take care of apparel printed with DTFx?

DTFx printed garments are more durable than DTG printed garments over time and resist much better to washing and general wear and tear. Petownlove always recommends referring to the care label instructions to ensure a long-lasting garment.

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